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How and Why I Started Doggone Good Bones & Biscuits, Inc.

When my grandson, Andrew, was six years old, he gave us a wonderful Dachshund puppy that he purchased at Pet's Pajama's in Montrose, Ohio. Andrew said, "Barma, I got you a new puppy and his name is Oscar Pepper Myer. While visiting Pet's Pajama's, I joked about baking Oscar his own cookies. Kathy, the owner said, "You bake them and I'll sell them." That sent me on an adventure that led to Doggone Good Bones & Biscuits. I retired several years ago and I planned to read every novel I missed, maybe write children's stories, maybe travel at a whim-but now everything has changed. It sent me in a direction I never thought was possible. If someone had told me years ago that I would own my own dog biscuit company, I would have laughed. Over the past four years I have so much to be grateful for. My life has been blessed with so many new friends. Dog people are the greatest!! Every time I think I might have made a big mistake by starting this company, the phone rings with a new customer and another order. I love what I'm doing and I guess I'll have to retire at another time.

A special thank you to my family and friends.

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It's all about Oscar!
This is the compelling little dog that came into my life and changed it completely. He is attached to my left hip. One of my children (I have 4) asked me if I had to make a choice between Oscar and him, who would I pick? I told him,
"Don't ask, Son".

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