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Dog Cookies of The Month Club
The Ultimate Gift For The Spoiled Rotten Dog!!

Why not send your favorite pooch a bag of cookies once a month?

Barma's Doggery Dog Treats
All of our dog treats are hand made in my kitchen and no two cookies are alike. Only natural ingredients are used, the dogs really love them, and they are great for training.
Dog Cookies of The Month Club, Barma's Doggery Dog Treats
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Contact Us for Personalized Bags
For Monthly Delivery
 (with your Pup's Photo)
lb. Bag $75.00 per yr.
lb. Bag $100.00 per yr.
  • You can send the size and flavor of your choice and we can personalize the label with your dog's name and picture, or your own message.

  • Just e-mail us a digital picture of your favorite pooch and we will handle the rest. If you don't have a picture, we can still use the dog's name in a poem or message on each cookie bag.

  • We can also personalize and create special Birthday and Holiday items!

  • These will be shipped automatically once a month for a full year.

Just remember your best friend
deserves the "Very Best"!!

Twelve - lb.
non-Personalized $65.00, per year
Twelve - lb.
non-personalized $90.00, per year

Peanut Butter Carob Chip Cookies 
Carob chips are added to this cookie and they look exactly like "chocolate chips" but they are safe for dogs because only carob chips are used.

Nilla's Carob Cookies 
Vanilla Bean really loves these and so will your pooch. Peanut butter and carob make these a tasty treat.

Oscar's Parmesan Cookies 
Real parmesan cheese is baked into these hard crunchy cookies. They smell wonderful! Pass the pasta, please.

Teeny Tiny Training Treats 
These treats are great for little dogs and puppies. Take these to a training session and see the difference. They are made with peanut butter and carob. My grandchildren eat them.



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