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Brownie, Rain, Bella & Precious
Amber Wearing Her New Raincoat That Really Works. Good Girl Amber!"
Amber Wearing Her New Raincoat That Really Works. Good Girl Amber!"

DOTU, which stands for Defender Of The Universe, is ½ American Eskimo and ½ Poodle. They are sometimes referred to as Eskipoos, however we feel Peski to be more appropriate. DOTU may be small, but she really would save the universe for her treats!

Sadie Belle Noire (Black and Rust Doberman) and Redmond Prince Charmant (Red and Rust Doberman). Sadie is 16 months old and Redmond is 6 months old. They are on poised on the picnic table anxiously awaiting some “Doggone Good Bones & Biscuits”!

Coco Chanel

Buddy Nichols
I'm a Dachshund and Boston Bull Terrier Mix.


"Paddy Tickles" (I'll Bet He Does!!)

Marilyn Monroe
Believes She Can Fly!

"Velvet" She Really Is!!

"Patton" He's Really A Teddy Bear! (sure he is)

"Boris" King Of Colorado

"Wicket" The Tongue and the Bow Match!!
"Murphy" I am holding his dog toy in my mouth (Yukky) to get him to sit still. "Jasper" He Gets A Cookie Every Time!

"Vivian" She Fell Off The Couch!

Bentley….Mr. Personality


Snacks of Aurora


Riley's First Birthday

Rascal is ready to go anywhere, anytime, and anyplace!! What a great Golden Retriever! Golden's Rule!!

Lucy Ann McGillicuddy-Glow
I met this dog at the Doxie picnic about 5 years ago. Every year they have a Doxie picnic and about 600 Dachshunds attend.. It's a blast! Lucy's Mom and I have become great friends. Notice the curly ears on this dog. She is very old and fragile. She did not have curly ears five years ago. Gives me something to look forward to!


Nilla Bean


Pet Sporty Hats, Pet Team Sport Hats
Cleveland Brown Fan



"Buster & His New Friends"?


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