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"Our Goldens, Callie and Brady, just love Barma's cookies……and so do we! We love the creative packaging, the natural ingredients, and the loving care put into each bag. Callie and Brady love Barma's cookies for only one reason: They just taste so DOGGONE GOOD! We always keep a large supply on hand because our dogs would never forgive us if we ran out!"

Stu and Marilyn Ferbrache

Dear Carol, As you know, I could never have done it without you! Finding you made everything I was doing seem right. working with you was an absolute pleasure and you were so willing to help me find just the right biscuit for my product. From peanut butter to whole wheat, we tried them all and finally found the perfect recipe. Your bones were the perfect addition to the Muttley's line. Your enthusiasm and encouragement allowed me to go forward with an idea and you know that I will never find the words to say thank you.

Thank you to Sara for sending me the most adorable Doggone Good Bones Christmas wreath that allowed me to ultimately find you - it still hangs in our kitchen spelling out in biscuits the names of those we love most! It is without a doubt the cutest thing in the house!

Finding your biscuits would have been pleasure enough but to have found a friend like you is a gift to be treasured. Thank you for all you do for your friends, both two and four legged.

Until next time, Barbara

Hi, I'm Charlie and my brother, Rusty, and I would like to tell you how great Barma's treats are. Every morning just after we have had our breakfast we race each other back into the kitchen to see if Mom will give us one of Barma's Carob Chip treats. They are our favorites, and it is just not a good morning with out Barma's treats waiting for us. They are the BEST! -Charlie

A note from Charlie's owner: Charlie and I love to go the the park every day. But our best time is when we know that Mom has packed Barma's Carob Chip treats with us. Its fun to obey her when we know she has Barma's treats. We listen very carefully and are so quick to respond. Life just isn't the same without Barma's Carob treats. We know, don't we Charlie. "Woof, woof!" That means yes!

I was the lucky winner of the basket you donated to the recent dog walk at Quailcrest Farm. I want to thank you for donating such a wonderful prize. I have a Polish Lowland Sheepdog (who attended the dog walk) and a Pekingese and had never given them home-baked treats... I must say, they just love them, especially the ones that smell like chocolate chip cookies! Even I was tempted on those!

Continued success with your business, and thanks again!

Tara Bulicz
Canton, Ohio

Cody and Zoey live contented lives at their lakeside residence. Like all pups, they enjoy eating and sleeping and nuzzling in their parents loving arms. At daytime, the pups roam the outdoors exploring nature. Sometimes they visit Nora, the neighbor. She loves to entertain the errant pups with her special blend of delicious Nillas cookies - that tasty peanut butter and carob mix. (These delicious cookies make snacking more fun!) But, will the pups return home? WOOF -WOOF - not without a care package of Nillas -- to go!!

Rick and Carolyn Lockshin
Akron, Ohio


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